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The Therapeutic Effect of Hirudotherapy

The therapeutic effect of hirudotherapy is composed of several factors. Hirudotherapy often makes use of the acupuncture points. Just as acupuncture uses a needle to bring more blood to the area, the action of the leeches likewise brings more blood to the area for healing. Leeches remove blood which prompts the liver to produce new,…
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Hirudotherapy for Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular disease has long been a main indication for leech therapy. The prominent doctor Nickolay I. Pirogov of Russia was among the first in modern history to treat heart disease with leeches in the 1800s. Good results have been seen even in cases of sclerotic changes in blood vessel walls. Atherosclerosis is when the blood…
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Hirudotherapy for Dental Issues

Back in the days of cowboys and the American West, when a tooth got inflamed, people pulled it out – often with pliers. The source of irritation was gone, the abscess drained, and the mouth healed. But modern dentists will perform a “root canal” – removal of the tooth’s pulp which contains nerve fibers, arteries,…
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Hirudotherapy in Gynecology

Hirudotherapy in Gynecology Widespread use of synthetic hormones and antibiotic therapy, the problems of environmental toxins, and stress have led to the rapid spread of diseases and female genitalia. These disorders often develop in conjunction with other chronic diseases, especially hypothyroidism, which complicates the course of these diseases. Hirudotherapy has a powerful effect by reducing…
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